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Tall Grass Arts Association

Art School

Art Classes for the Whole Family!!!

70 Lester Road, Park Forest, Illinois

We are located in the Downtown Park Forest Cultural Center

on the east side of the Tall Grass Arts Association Gallery

Phone: (708) 748-3377

Email: [email protected]

After School Program at Talala Elementary School

Mosaic Paper Project

Have you ever tried to create a big design by starting small? You can use little colored pieces of

paper to create a mosaic of a realistic picture or an abstract pattern. It's a cool effect and a

great art craft for you to do. Draw an outline of a simple picture on a piece of drawing paper.

Start by covering the outline of your picture with the paper squares. Glue the squares down

one by one, leaving a little space between each piece. Then fill in the design and the

background, following the shape of your outline in black paper or marker.