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Tall Grass Arts Association


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Call for Artists for

65th Annual Park Forest Fine Art Fair and

to become a Tall Grass-associated artist

The Tall Grass Arts Association operates a regional art gallery located in Park Forest, Illinois. Juried artists are invited to participate in the annual fine art fair held in September in Downtown Park Forest. They have the opportunity to display work in the gallery at least once a year and to include their work in the Tall Grass Gift Shop.


Artists must be 18 years old. Work submitted must be original work created by the artist – no mass-produced work.


Artists may submit work in one of three ways:

1. (Most preferable). Please submit your artwork with the link below to Entrythingy:

2. Work may be submitted by email.

· Submit six (6) images depicting six individual works to: [email protected].

If jurying for the Art Fair, please include a seventh image, that of your booth, if available.

· Identify email in the subject line as “Jurying 2020 Art Fair and Gallery”.

· Digital images must be a high-resolution jpg (approx. 5”X7”) with a resolution of 300 dpi and a file size no larger than 1.4MB per image.

· Entries will be juried from the digital images, which should be sharp and accurate in color. Please note: If an artist wishes to be juried in more than one medium, he/she should submit an application for each medium rather than one application with images of both media. One fee will be sufficient for both applications.

· Please include an artist statement that is a description of your work, particularly your methodology. For example, if you are a jeweler, describe which portions of your artworks are handcrafted.

3. Work may be submitted on a CD by mail.

· The CD must contain six (6) high-resolution jpgs depicting six (6) individual works. If jurying for the Art Fair, please include a seventh image, that of your booth, if available.

· For requirements regarding quality of images, see above.

· Files on the CD should be saved/labeled with the artist’s last name followed by the initial of their first name and with the image number corresponding to the jurying entry form (example: SmithM1).

· Entries will be juried from the images, which should be sharp and accurate in color. Please note: If an artist wishes to be juried in more than one medium, he/she should submit an application for each medium rather than one application with images of both media. One fee will be sufficient for both applications.

· Please include a very short description of your work. For example, if you are a jeweler, describe which portions of your artworks are handcrafted.

· Put CD in a protective cover and clearly print name and address on both the actual CD and cover. Enclose a self-addressed envelope with proper postage for return of the CD. If no envelope is enclosed, the CD will not be returned.

4. If jurying by email or by mailing a CD, please complete the enclosed jurying entry form. List image information on the form in the same sequence as on the email or CD (artist’s last name, initial of first name and image number). The jurying form can be emailed with the images or mailed with the CD.

5. If jurying by email or mail, mail a non-refundable jury fee: $35. Make checks payable to: Tall Grass Arts Assoc. Or send credit card information to gallery along with the entry form. If you submit through Entrythingy, it will instruct you to pay through PayPal.

6. Applications, CDs (if not submitting by email) and checks should be sent to:

Tall Grass Arts Association

367 Artists Walk

P.O. Box 776

Park Forest, IL 60466 ATTN: Jurying

Jurying Deadline is Friday, May 8, 2020. During the months that jurying is open, jurying will be scheduled as often as practicable so that successful applicants can add the Park Forest Art Fair and the annual Gallery Artists Exhibit to their calendars.

The juror(s) are from outside the organization and are either successful artists or teach art in a university or college. Artists will be notified of the results by mail or email. No results will be given over the phone. For information about the jurying process, email Janet Muchnik at [email protected] or call her at (708) 748-5123 (home) or (708) 439-2424.

Jurying Entry Form for 65th Annual Park Forest Fine Art Fair and Tall Grass Gallery

Please type or print clearly.



City_____________________________________ State__________ Zip___________


Phone______________________ Mobile phone ______________________________

Please indicate your interest of participation. Check all that apply.

¨                Gallery Exhibits                           ¨             Gift Shop                              ¨          Art Fair

How did you hear about the Tall Grass jurying process? ______________________________

Please complete the following information for the six images on your CD or email.

                 Title                                    Medium                  (HxWxD)           Completed

1.________________________ ______________ _______________ ___________

2.________________________ ______________ _______________ ___________

3.________________________ ______________ _______________ ___________

4.________________________ ______________ _______________ ___________

5.________________________ ______________ _______________ ___________

6. _______________________ ______________ _______________  ___________


¨ CD or ¨ Images were submitted by email to [email protected]

¨ Completed Jurying Entry Form

¨ Stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of CD (if artist wishes CD returned)

¨ Brief Artist Statement including methods utilized

¨ Entry fee (Check payable to Tall Grass Arts Association) ($35)

Or: Credit card # __________________________________________

Date of expiration ________________ Security code __________

Mail to:

Tall Grass Arts Association

367 Artists Walk ATTN: Jurying

P.O. Box 776 , Park Forest, IL 60466

Deadline: Friday, May 8, 2020.

Beginning in February, applications will

be juried on a monthly basis, as received. 

Juried Artist Opportunities

Art Fair –

The Art Fair is an outdoor, juried, fine art fair held in the streets of Downtown Park Forest. Held and juried continuously for 64 years, it is known as an artist-friendly (especially emerging artist-friendly) because of its low registration fee. The fair features cash awards and purchase prizes, a complimentary breakfast on Saturday morning and a sumptuous dinner party for the artists on Saturday evening after the close of the fair. Overnight security is provided Saturday night, which includes conveniently located locked storage space, and booth sitters are available, as needed, over the weekend. Exhibitors are expected to be present both days and are responsible for their own display (easel, tents, chairs, etc.). There is a registration fee to participate but no commission is collected on purchases made by patrons.

The fair is promoted in the regional press but the largest emphasis is on social networking sites such as Facebook and various web sites. It is advertised on WFMT and WBBM radio, particularly during morning “ride times”. Musical entertainment is provided all day, both days as well as a variety of food vendors.

Traditionally, the fair is held on the third weekend in September. This year it is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 19 and Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day.

I had the pleasure to be an artist at the Park Forest Art Fair put on by the wonderful volunteers of the Tall Grass Arts Association. This show was a artists’ dream. The volunteers take such good care of the artists from making sure we had water all day long and booth sitters for bathroom breaks. On top of that we had bagels, juice, coffee and yogurt both mornings and to top it off the volunteers put on a wonderful dinner Saturday night.

But I have to say the thing that impressed me the most is this show runs like a well-oiled machine and it’s all done with volunteers and donations, not some big promoter.

In closing I have to give this art fair a A+ and I would recommend it to anyone that likes being treated like a guest. I also have to thank the people from Park Forest and surrounding areas for coming out to see the show and all the hard work done by the volunteers and the artists to make this event happen. Janet Hubbard, Oak Creek, WI

Thank you for your many, many, many efforts. It really is a wonderful show. I've done plenty of shows in the city and affluent north suburbs but none of them can compare to the ease, loyalty and support that the Park Forest Art Fair offers. I have always said it feels like coming home. Jennifer Meyer, Lansing, IL

“Following the (Saturday evening) meal, there is a short introduction to the sponsors and then on to the awards. I’ve been to plenty of shows and they all do a very nice job but the heartfelt presentations make you proud to be part of this thing we call…life, at least our life as artists.” Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand, the Pottery Boys, Palm Harbor, FL

Gallery Exhibits –

An annual exhibition featuring TGAA’s juried artists is held in the Gallery at least once during the year. It has been traditional for one of the gallery artists exhibits to coincide with the art fair. Artists are invited to exhibit one (1) piece of art, in any medium, that has not been previously exhibited in the gallery and, hopefully, represents new work. The exhibit usually lasts 6 - 8 weeks and includes an opening reception. There are also opportunities for participation in invitational and special theme exhibits.

The commission structure for work sold in the Gallery and gift shop is 70% of the list price determined by the artist, for the artist, and 30% for the gallery.

Gift Shop –

The Gift Shop is actually a second gallery. Smaller, more affordable works are featured in the gift shop. As with the gallery, the gift shop is only available to Tall Grass juried artists. Two-dimensional work is shown on the walls and jewelry and three-dimensional work is placed on pedestals and shelves. The Gift Shop is managed and maintained by artists so has an artistic and professional appearance. During the winter holidays, the focus is on items appropriate for gift giving. 

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Tall Grass Arts Association promotes public education and appreciation of visual art

through exhibitions, classes and the Park Forest Art Fair.

367 Artists Walk, Park Forest, Illinois        (708) 748-3377             [email protected]