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Tall Grass Arts Association Gallery 

Future Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


The Concepts Captured in Art

March 14 – May 27, 2020

Exhibit Now Extended To May 27, 2020

An exhibit intended to demonstrate how artists show glimpses of the world and in doing so reveal symmetry that is evident all around us. They may use symmetry to achieve harmony and peace, illustrate traditions, motivate the viewer to action or mood. Symmetry is more than dividing in half to make a reflective image. There is an aspect of visual balance, mathematical repetition, and pattern observed in science and nature. Also, cultural and religious symbols, artifacts, and ceremonies often reveal the importance of symmetrical designs and patterns. The artist can find symmetry in natural objects, the human form, architecture, engineering, fashion, technology – everywhere!

58 Artists' works come together and show glimpses of the world to reveal symmetry all around us. See how artists represent visual balance, repetition, and patterns observed in math, science, technology and nature. The artist finds symmetry in symmetry in natural objects, the human form, architecture, engineering, and technology while working in 2-D and 3-D art forms.